Freeze My Trip

Freeze My Trip is among the top tour and travel company in India, assisting individuals in planning a cost-effective and enjoyable vacation. We offer international and domestic customized tour packages for various destinations. Our company’s Tour Package covers travels to a variety of destinations, in Mauritius, Vietnam, Hanoi and Danang, East India, West India, and North India, among others.

Our packages are separated by location and emotions we have a couple of friendly packages for Vietnam, a family trip to Australia, bachelor’s trip to Mauritius. We also plan to customize packages for Ho Cin Ming City & Dang, Hanoi & Dang, Thailand, Dubai, Maldives, Bali and many more. 

Apart from that our east India tours cover Darjeeling, Gangtok, and other nearby places, while our West India Tours will take you to the gorgeous beaches of Goa. The remaining important tourist sites on North India Tours are Agra, Rishikesh, Mathura, Haridwar, and wildlife experiences at Corbett National Park and Nainital. In addition, we offer a budget-friendly website for many locations in Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand. 

Due to the expertise of industry professionals, our company has become one of the most famous tour and travel agency in Delhi NCR and one of the most reliable travel partners in the country. We have professionals who have tried and tested all services to ensure that our clients travel feeling comfortable, secure, and satisfied.

Additionally, we offer customized travel solutions so that our customers can plan according to their tastes, requirements, and budget. We do not want our clients to feel confined or hemmed in by bundles. They are not compelled to comply with the packaging we provide. These packages are samples or proposals for the best tour packages. You can alter it according to your demands and needs. Explore the vast array of Domestic & International Tour Packages with Freeze My Trip. In addition, we are regarded as one of the most reliable travel agencies in India.

Our Vision

With a vision to “conquer the travel world by spreading its wings of quality service,” Freeze My Trip aims to make it possible for its customers to travel to any region of the world by offering superior tourist services.

  • To provide superior customer service.
  • To retain market supremacy in Southern and Northern India for domestic travel.
  • To ensure that consumers obtain value for their money and that their expectations are fulfilled.
  • To consistently improve the organization’s customer service procedures.
  • To ensure our customers’ safety and security when travelling with us.
  • To comply with the legal and other regulatory requirements of the organisation.
  • To provide a favourable working environment for the employees and enable them to consistently enhance their performance levels.

Our Mission

Exploring the unfamiliar and interacting with new experiences are inborn human tendencies that allow you to reach your fullest potential through travel. Freeze My Trip endeavours to develop the most cost-effective corporate tourism on a global scale. We hope to bring in a new era of global business travel. As a result, clients in our industry have praised us for our creative travel services.

Freeze My Trip examines the world through the eyes of a curious traveller. We are fully aware of what it takes to provide the highest quality travel services. Our excellent team works diligently to design budget-friendly and enjoyable business excursions. Therefore, we modestly announce, “Our Vision Is the Vision of Our Clients.”



We at Freeze My Trip from past 10 years helping and guiding our clients to get the best tour packages.



Freeze My Trip not only guide and secure the trips, but also has covered a large section of the world’s greatest cities.


Happy Clients

We at Freeze My Trip not only make the clients happy but also manage to make the trip memorable. Happy Clients



With the big year coming ahead, Freeze My Trip is targeting to achieve more valuable feedback from the clients.

       Our Group

We’ve reached the height of achievement by collaborating with a team of qualified experts who possess in-depth knowledge and credentials in this field. After extensive investigation, they offer solutions for clients who wish to vacation and unwind. They work in close proximity and in accordance with tourism industry norms to expand the client network. Their effectiveness, dependability, and precision in delivering solutions have allowed us to excel and carve out a market niche.

       Our Standard

As a quality-oriented firm, we think that clients should receive exceptional services that include all the essential amenities they require. We provide clients with effective packages and meet their needs and requests in order to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction. The team works in accordance with the tourism industry and adds vital travel considerations, such as bookings, comfort, discounted rates, currency conversion (if necessary), etc., in order for clients to have an exciting and unusual vacation. Customer Happiness.

As a client-focused firm, we seek to increase client satisfaction by providing timely, high-quality services. Due to our moral company practises and beliefs, we have a vast network of domestic and foreign clients, and we provide total customer satisfaction in terms of pleasure, excitement, comfort, dependability, and affordability. Customers can tailor these services to their preferences and needs. The client feedback we receive enables us to enhance our service quality and better meet their needs in the future. In addition, we provide customers with convenient payment options, which helps us develop cordial relationships with them.

What sets FreezeMyTrip apart from others?

  • Customization of travel packages to satisfy consumer needs and desires
  • Seasonally and option-dependent reductions on hotel and trip bookings are large.
  • A reasonably priced and comfortable vacation lodging. We guarantee that your trip will be well worth the expense!
  • A personal fleet of premium vehicles for transportation services, sightseeing, and private travel.
  • Immediate reservation confirmation
  • In every Indian state, local guides for language convenience are provided.
  • Developed relationships with other prominent tourism industry organisations.